Sunday, March 7, 2010


I was shifting in my bed when strands of thoughts attacked my conscious need to sleep trying to awake all my senses that would have rather shut down after the three longest hours of my life. I have experienced similar situations where the hours seemed to be days but still this time it was different in all means. Other times, I was always awed and attached to the thing that even movement seemed impossible to accomplish. I have always enjoyed part of that time even if it was for a couple of minutes and I sometimes even enjoyed being within that situation that I hoped it would never perish.

Being mesmerized in front of a television for hours might have always been able to bring my mind to fantasize about what I have been witnessing to the extent where my mind was afraid to drift away for even a second where I can end up missing part of what was going on. Movies have always played a role in building my imagination and taking control over part of my life that I have always tried to escape.

As for this time and this movie in particular, it was appalling and compelling in all means. My eyes kept stealing glances at the clock that seemed to move slowly in contradiction to what my mind was hoping for. At times, it unfortunately seemed to even stand still or move backwards. The sounds that my ears were trying to avoid were annoying in comparison to the serenity that surrounded the characters. The movements within its scenes were so crippling though hard to keep up with for a reason my words find hard to explain. It made no sense to me the dullness that kept me attentive for three long hours.

Suddenly, a sound was able to draw me back to the reality of this appreciated world from a haze I would never wish to go back to. I jumped to the chance that was given to me and tried to take my time in whatever I was asked to do, hoping that time would pass faster but unfortunately, every part of me felt obliged to go back and continue in trying to figure out what was special about this movie.

Two monotonous hours passed when suddenly I realized that this movie was trying to teach my mind something it could not comprehend. All what I was able to think of was the fact that I do still have another hour of whatever was going on with this movie. I only hoped that my coming hour would be able to compensate my past two hours with a better accomplishment at the end.

So tense and compact was the last hour. I have always worried about aging and how things will go about before time of death comes. I have always feared the feeling of time passing by until these three hours passed by. Watching the clock go backwards and feeling the misery of becoming younger rather than older has made me appreciate every minute of my time that is moving forward. I applaud the film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” for all the time that I have thought I was wasting since it gave me the chance to appreciate the time left for me to enjoy the blessings of becoming older day after day. I am also thankful for opening my eyes to the realization of how fortunate we are since we will have the ability to see the fruits of our love and life grow eventually to cuddle us in a bundle of joy and love.

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