Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Because

I remember an old rustic book that my dad once had which seemed to me on the verge of falling apart. It had the weirdest title I have ever come across. I had to open it and see what it talked about just because I was a little bit curious. I read like for less than five minutes in the book and then closed it since it made no sense to me the gibberish stuff that the author talked about and it also bored my senses to the core.

Now and almost after twenty years of this life that is full of surprising events, I wish I did continue reading it. How can I forget mostly every book that I have once read and fell in love with and still remember the title of the precarious book that failed to attract my attention and keep me interested for more than five minutes? There was something about that book, which made it cling into my life, stick there like nothing ever did, and only this month I came to the realization of such a power.

There must have been something amazing about it. Though it was older than its owner, it still filled a place in his life that he continued to keep it in spite of its condition. I remember the title, which was in a different language than what I am using now to express my feelings but still though, that language made so sense at that time. “Walking in Their Sleep” is the best translation to the title of the book. I remember clearly how it started. He talked about those people in our lives that walk in and out just like those who walk in their sleep. It made no sense to me what he said at that time but what does a ten year old know or understand from life, which only seemed innocent at that time?

As for the woman that she became, she can tell you at least a hundred interpretations to that title. Many people came into my life. Some of them left a mark and others just made no difference. I wish all made no difference since most of those who did just left a mark of pain and anger. Walking in your sleep is harmless to your soul and to others. It could be harmful to the body but that is the surface. What matters is the deep inner harm, which inflects unpleasant marks that will never diminish. A persons’ whole perspective on life changes when he is in pain.

So many people tend to affiliate with us for no reason and then they suddenly disappear with no explanation or regrets. They tend to make you feel worthless and dispensable. They go around walking in parts of your life while you are thinking that they will be there forever but you end up knowing the truth. You are simply wrong. Just like those who walk in their sleep, will wake up at a certain time, these people will wake up from their existence in your life and continue with their life as if you have never existed.

Wow! Such a title is so astounding that it keeps the mind thinking. Such remarkable books are really worth keeping for the massive amounts of thoughts they present you with and that is why I wish I had read that book. Maybe, it would have explained for me why things happen in our life and gave me solutions to the problems that humanity faces throughout their journey in this world.

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