Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Real or Fake?

Sometimes in life, we come across so many people who we think are living an extraordinary life or even a normal one. We look at their outward appearances, their possessions, and the way they conduct themselves and we stand in awe, or envy them for what we see not knowing that deep inside where we cannot look lies something else, something different. Deep inside lies pain, struggles, disappointments, sadness, tragedy, and so on!!

We get to know these people at work, at school, at camps, at sports and we form an idea of what their life looks like based on the little time we spent with them. We think they are happy because of what they wear, ride, buy, spend, live in, and eat but do we really know these people?! Did we take enough time to peel these outer layers to look inside deep enough to know how they really live and how they really feel?!

Sometimes we take these people and what they do for granted thinking that they will manage whatever we throw at them because they are physically, emotionally, and financially capable not realizing that they could be so fragile and waiting to shatter in a moment! They could be in more need than we think!

Do we ever think of what our words could do to these people? We may think a simple statement we spew at them is nothing when in reality, it could be a dagger that pierces their inner most causing more damage than we have ever expected.

What happens if we are given a microscope that allows us to look deep inside the people we think we know? What do you think we will see and find? Would our findings meet our expectations? Who knows? Let's be mindful of the fact that others could be struggling as much as we are but are good at hiding it!

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Lonely Girl's Dream

Somewhere, faraway in this world, someone lives so alone and in desperate need of love and happiness.  What would happen if this person and I would meet and share this loneliness and emptiness?  Would life change or would it stop to a non-existing reality?  Is it clear in anyone's mind how it feels to always be in need but never be fulfilled?  I wonder what it means to reach a fulfillment state where a person can actually get what they need and give what is needed?  Sometime in the future, I believe that I will meet a person who will lift me up  and fulfill my dreams, a person that I will help experience the same.  I guess I can wait for that future but the question is for how long?  I do not know and I cannot answer that but I know for sure that dreams are wonders in which a person can create their own reality that no one can take away or break down.  It is a reality in which only happiness exists and magic can be achieved.  I love to dream and dreams are my life.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Sitting here in utter darkness, darkness that is engulfing and surrounding me from the inside out, I try to comprehend the meaning of all what we go through in this life and especially the relationships we build and the ones we destroy.  I try to understand what kind of logic people base their relationships on.  I try to gaze out of the darkness in search of a light that will guide me and show me something, something that will help me understand, but all I see is emptiness and more darkness.

What does that mean and why can’t I find an answer? Is it so hard to understand and comprehend the nature of relationships that we cannot even pinpoint the base on which one is created and another doomed?

I stop looking around me and I start looking deep within.  I look at my own relationships, the present and the past ones and suddenly all I come across is an aching feeling; a feeling that intrigues me more.

I look deeper into my heart to only find a hardened heart, a disappointed one, and a heart that has lost all hope. The question that lingers then is why and how did my heart become so heavy, hard, and dark? When did it stop beating with life?

I shut my eyes and try to shake that feeling off wanting to erase what I saw and make it disappear, but I cannot.  I cannot deny what has become of me, of my heart, and my life.  I have to understand why I am seeing this now.  Oh yes! Relationships; that is the cause of what I am feeling now!

Why does my heart ache more when I think of the word ‘relationships’? Maybe because I had built so much hope on so many relationships to watch them eventually dismantle and fall apart because of others’ dark motives. Who know? After all, there is no light to clarify things.  No light at all! There is just utter darkness.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What Is Love?

If we look at our lives so closely or if we research the word love, I assure you that we will find a definition of what love is. Not only one definition but so many that we may end up confused. There is the world's definition, people's definition, the media's definition, the best sellers' definition, the movies' definition, and the list goes on! 

I for one believe that love is when someone accepts others the way they are no matter what; with all their shortcomings, quirks, and flaws. If you love someone, you do not ask them to change who they are to accommodate your needs or meet your expectations. If you love someone, you forgive them their own mishaps as many times as it takes! You give up parts of you, your dreams, and expectations to mold new ones that build your relationship and make it stronger than ever.

 If you love someone, you fight for them and you stand for all they are! You do not give up on what you have with them and dwell on what might have been. You look at that person as if he or she is your world and no one can even compare. You make them your life, your dream, and your everything! You become their everything as well; their friend, their family, and the person they feel safe to go to when everything around them seems to be falling apart or when they need a shoulder to lean on because no one else can do it as good as you! You become their source of happiness, confidence, and encouragement. You  become the one who lifts them up and makes them feel that no one can come close! You are the one who wipes their tears rather than cause them.

Love means that you will always wrap your arms around those you love and hold them close, especially when they are sad and afraid. You will make sure they know that you will stand for them and fight for them when the world is trying to tear them apart. There will be moments when they will feel that the whole world is against them; which is when your love is supposed to assure them that everything is going to be alright because you are with them no matter what! This is what love is for me!

If you are not ready to do all of this, then you are not in love and "I love you" would mean nothing.  If you are not ready to do this, then you are not ready to be in a relationship with these people.  Sometimes,in the long run, knowing the truth despite how much hurt it brings, is way more rewarding and less complicated than pretending something exists when it does not!