Friday, January 29, 2016

A Lonely Girl's Dream

Somewhere, faraway in this world, someone lives so alone and in desperate need of love and happiness.  What would happen if this person and I would meet and share this loneliness and emptiness?  Would life change or would it stop to a non-existing reality?  Is it clear in anyone's mind how it feels to always be in need but never be fulfilled?  I wonder what it means to reach a fulfillment state where a person can actually get what they need and give what is needed?  Sometime in the future, I believe that I will meet a person who will lift me up  and fulfill my dreams, a person that I will help experience the same.  I guess I can wait for that future but the question is for how long?  I do not know and I cannot answer that but I know for sure that dreams are wonders in which a person can create their own reality that no one can take away or break down.  It is a reality in which only happiness exists and magic can be achieved.  I love to dream and dreams are my life.

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