Sunday, March 7, 2010


She was accompanying her mother out of the mall when she heard the echo of ardent advances behind her. Her heart began the race of drumming so fast and strong that she could not even hear the sound of her intimidated legs shaking with the thought of escape. The fear she has once felt for real has become an obsession that is following her everywhere. She could have sworn that it was happening again today. She could not even turn her head to check if she was right or wrong.

She tilted her neck a little bit with a cautious look to be horrified by a face of a ghost that wore its hair long and straight. She felt a heart attack on its way to invade each one of her veins and heart. Her destructive imagination was allowing those evasive thoughts to inhabit her mind. The moment this ghost passed her is when her eyes reassured her mind and heart of the truth and that it can go back to beating normally with the sign of being alive once again since this ghost is only another woman who was shopping just like her.

She looked back at her mom trying to hide all the embarrassing side effects of the past deadly moments she has just experienced since her mom is the only person who can clearly read her thoughts and unlock her deepest secrets that she could ever try to conceal. She wanted to draw a smile on her face but her lips resisted it by fading it into a frown that could clearly show all the resentment she felt for the life she has come to live lately. It was a powerful burden, which she could never share with anyone though it was killing her slowly. She would rather enjoy the terror of this painful and exhilarating journey than suddenly losing all she could ever enjoy to the power of death that has been trying lamely to conquer her life.

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