Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Seductive Desire

Posted by Helen at 12:59 AM | Labels: Suspense
It would never have dawned on her that she would see a humiliating moment like this. She could not believe what was going on and never dreamed that it could happen to her. She had always been bound by ethics and morals since she had cultivated the reputation of a decent believer. She loved the life she had with its ups and downs and had always yearned for something good to do. Though things were hard on her, she still appreciated the little she was given. So, what was happening to her now?

All what she wanted was a chance to explain herself and her embarrassing situation. She could not tolerate these people's icy stares or accusations. How could they think for a moment that she had always been like this? How could they treat her the way they were in front of the crowds of people that had surrounded them? She just felt like being visibly threatened by what they were saying. Life was being withdrawn from her. She did not know what to say. She did not know how she should react to all of this. Mostly, she did not know how her future would be like when this is all over.

They held on to her like grim death and pulled her as a criminal towards the door of a low-slung room in the far corner of the place. She realized that the moment the door opens is the moment her old life dies and her new one starts. She could not count on being swept into that strange and frightening place because she knew that the second she goes in, she will never be the same and people will never look at her as a dignified person again. Her heart started drumming so fast. Her eyes could only see clouds of mist that blurred her vision. She wanted to scream the fear out of her lungs but she was unable to do so due to the eerie voices that arose from the mist.

What will she say to the love of her life? How can her eyes meet his after this? How is she going to be able to hold him close and swear to love him forever? What kind of a future will she have with him after now? She can imagine the shock on his face when he knows of what she had done and she realizes that it will be only a matter of time before all of this separates them and kill everything she had ever dreamt of.

She had to stop and breathe. She had to drum up her energy to beg them for forgiveness. She had to end all of the dark, dangerous, and unique paranormal elements behind this desire before it even starts or else she will be tainted all her life by bad memories of this day.

This desire, if answered to, will shadow her, probe her past and turn up at the deadliest moment to pull along with it everything she had ever worked on causing her life to tumble down leaving her as an outcast among her family and friends. Therefore, and after juggling all the ideas in her mind, she decided that she would not allow this to take place since it dramatically opposes everything she had ever believed in. She nervously thumbed through the things in front of her then returned that seductive desire to where it belonged and promised herself that whatever life takes away from her, she will never allow it to deprive her of her dignity and pride. She had lived as a decent person all of her life and would continue to do so until life takes away her soul

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