Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long Gone Childhood

Slowly, the sounds drew her in. She could not even resist the temptation. She had to see and taste a bit of it. The hysterical giggles filled the place and ate her up. How can such happiness oppose her sadness and tempt her. She took a few steps towards the window and listened more and only then, she knew how sad her heart felt. How long has it been since her ears heard the sound of laughter? How long since her body shriveled with the strength of such giggles that came out of her own mouth? It had been a while but why? She misses those days when she was able to feel the child within her. She misses those days when all she was able to do is just enjoy her existence.

She came closer and with trembling hands, she opened a little bit of the shutters expecting to see kids running around and playing but for her amazement, they were not. There they were adults as old as she is, playing and laughing as if nothing fazes them. Were they for real or just a figment of her imagination? She wanted to go there and be part of that. She wanted to feel everything they were experiencing at that moment but she could not. Something was holding her back. Reality was choking her and her feet were mesmerized in the ground. She needed a break from all she was going through. She wanted her childhood badly but unfortunately, she has misplaced it somewhere in the past and could not take hold of it any more.

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