Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Whisper of Love

The music so uplifting to the joy she felt has drawn her far away into a world of magic and romance.  So much love was felt through every musical note.  Her eyes were unable to hide the sentimental tears that have been lingering there for a while trying to escape the prison in which they were created.

Then, she heard the sound of raindrops heavenly touching the surface of this vast earth with their mighty softness to be only followed by the trudging of a horse that carried her charming prince from a faraway world to the sole existence of her sapphire soul.

Her dreams took her down an isle she has always aspired to experience.  She longed for the warmth of his hands cuddling her sweet and tender body only to touch her eyes with the gentleness that will finally open the long-shut eyes of hers.  They will open them to the beauty of a world she has always imagined and thought does not exist.

She held on to him with all the strength she had like death’s grip trying to inhale every breath of love and liveliness she can withhold.  She looked into his eyes with the deep affection she bore within her heart.  Hands held and limbs entangled, they walked the path they have walked a million times before to live a different emotion this time.  So honorable were the feelings that accompanied every step they took.  The tune that was playing in the background touched every nerve within her allowing her to experience the harmony that God has created among them to be witnessed by all those who came to commemorate the death of their past and the beginning of their future as one soul.

Happiness was their gospel by which they lived.  She longed for every sound that nature created.  The buzzes and the hushes along the dusk when the sun came down to sleep in its bed of beauty that laid there within the waves of such miraculous seas made every wish possible and every dream achievable.

Their steps grew faster while their hearts drummed stronger.  Earth seemed weaker and unable to withhold their love.  The wind was defying every single movement they made but still they were able to be strong enough not to adhere to all those mighty powers.  They continued until the music became an inseparable part of them.  They had to prove how great their love and affection is to withstand all what it had faced and obtain all what they have ever desired for.

High above, the dove of their love has soared to touch the most amazing levels of spirituality where their union was blessed by all the powers that exist in this life.  Then, and only then, heaven stopped weeping and a colorful rainbow crowned their love with the most amazing gift of all.  Eventually, the music changed to a more cheerful tune that can touch every heart and soul with the magical whisper of love.

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