Sunday, October 7, 2012


She trudges heavily towards the bed unable to withstand the pains and aches that swarmed all over her body and then she  climbs onto the softness of the bed to cover herself with her warm and fluffy blanket.  She lays her head on her friend of confidence and shares her dreams of a tomorrow that she hopes will become her today.  Then she looks beyond the present into a future that only the dark night knows of and she sees among that darkness a white cloud that draws a smile on her face but eventually, it disappears in the emptiness of the night to remind her of her own hollow soul.

She closes her eyes and prays.  She prays for a change that she has been seeking for a long time now.  She prays for strength and she prays for fear.  The strength is to make her endure all the temptations she faces during the day and the fear reminds her of the end where she is heading.  Then, she sleeps hoping that her prayers will be heard and her eyes will witness the change.

She wakes up in the morning to the chirping of the birds gazing among the towering trees and she admires the beauty with which nature has been weaved.  She breathes heavily and when she tries to flip in her bed, she feels the pain strike her back and remind her of what she has done to herself.  She goes along with her day waiting to experience the change for which she has prayed.  Minutes pass then hours only to prove that today is a mirror image of yesterday and tomorrow is going to be the same.

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